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Tube Size: 30/32 mm
Axle Size: 40mm Standard - 50mm Optional
Axle Bearings: 3
Brake System: EV01 Hydraulic
Master Cylinders: EV01 Dual Piston
Rear Rotor: Fixed Vented Rear
Fuel Tank: 8.5 litres
Spindles: 10.5 or 11 Degree
Torsion Bars: Front - Side - Rear
Front Ride Height: Adjustable
Rear Ride Height: Adjustable
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Special 30/32mm Chromolly

40mm Standard. 50mm Optional

Adjustable Ride height

Brake Line securely mounted to chassis

Dual Piston master cylinder for great modulation
and feel

4 piston rear Caliper

8.5 Liter anti Splash fuel tank

4 Bearing Billet front Spindles provide extra strength and precise castor angles

Removeable torsion bar

Adjustable Camber/Castor pills are standard with the optional lower adjustable pills available

High Quality Billet Cassettes