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January 24, 2017

2017 Italkart CFD Aero Testing

For 2017, Italkart has taken a different approach to other manufacturers in a new area. We have analyzed not only drag reduction, but downforce as well. After extensive research, we have found downforce more beneficial than drag with the FP7 KG bodywork for the KZ categories and for the lower horsepower categories/non–shifter karts we have opted to go with the KG 505.

This year the Laguna SE models will feature the KG FP7 bodywork with the new introduction of the KG 505 to the Rapido V1 models. Please stay tuned as we will be launching the karts one at a time, starting with the Italkart SE black edition this week.

Italkart 2017 Italkart 2017
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